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CALLING for national healing and reconciliation is a joke when the army generals refuse to acknowledge the Prime Minister. All the cases of violence and murders which took place should be brought to the courts. We want justice first before this “healing” process.

WE want an investigation into the Gukurahundi massacres, Operation Murambatsvina and the 2008 elections. Everyone involved in any wrongdoing must be arrested and tried.
Zvakwana, Harare.

CHIEFS abuse the rural populace’s rights by forcing people to support certain political parties. The new constitution must reduce their powers.
T Chilaz.

ZANU PF thugs disrupted the constitution-making conference  because they know that any people-driven constitution will drive them to the dustbins of Zimbabwean politics and hstory.
Sanyamahwe, Nyanga.

ZANU PF apologists claim that Patrick Chinamasa’s “detention” by German immigration authorities is throwing spanners in the inclusive government. What about MDC-T MPs who are being arrested daily for dubious offences?
Nyamasvisva, Harare.   

THE Kariba draft constitution must be discarded before any constitution-making process begins. Only fools can support that document.
S Mugidiza.

COMING to theatres near you: Rocky Road to the Constitution featuring greed, chaos, strife and their usual coterie of evil sidekicks. Be very afraid!

THE bulk of Zimbabwe’s problems come from immaterial people craving for relevance.

IF you give Zanu PF a finger they take a hand. If you give them a hand they take an arm. MDC conceded too much in the GNU. Now the MDC MPs are being taken out one by one.
Zim Justice.

WHEN Idi Amin ruled Uganda, he was the president, field marshal, “conqueror of the British empire”, and Dr Al Haj Idi Amin Dada amongst other titles. An impressive array of titles has been growing in Zimbabwe as well including the latest: “Supreme Leader”.
AS long as Gideon Gono cannot print it, it is a good idea to adopt the rand as our currency.
Economist, Harare.

JONATHAN Moyo’s attack on Finance minister Tendai Biti’s scrapping of duty on newspapers should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. Moyo is one of the unrepentant Zanu PF sympathisers. He must be reminded that the proliferation and freedom of the media is inevitable.
Tendai, Mutare.

UZ vice chancellor Levy Nyagura was at pains to explain about the UZ’s deterioration. What he did not tell us who was responsible for it?
CAN someone at Chinhoyi University explain to us why it seems some students possess exam papers before we write them?

ELECTRICITY bills consume more than 30% of civil servants’ salaries. Can Elias Mudzuri and Zesa explain how we are supposed to survive in that kind of scenario in which we are in? This nonsense must stop forthwith!

TO say that Zesa’s hefty bills are meant to cater for its workers only would be wrong! It’s more of a broke government trying to raise funds via Zesa.
Economist, Harare.

MOUNT Pleasant Heights suburb still does not have water since 2005. What are the responsible authorities doing about that?

DELTA beverages are giving us a raw deal. Last year they complained about losing about 65% in sales because of imports. Now that we have resorted to local beers they are now failing to meet even 25% of local demand. Retail outlets are going for a week without any supply.

COULD Econet explain why they have deducted US22 cents from my airtime balance twice after I received a message that the message had not been delivered. What was I being charged for?

TO the “king of pop” Michael Jackson rest in peace.

IT seems that the only factual information the Herald disseminates is the date and its price. The weather is usually inaccurate as well.

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