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G-Force Topples Harry Potter

DISNEY’S G-Force drew US audiences into theatres and forced its way into the number one spot earning US$32,2 million in its opening weekend.

The animated film about smarty-pants guinea pigs stars the voice talent of Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and Will Arnett as a group of rodents who team up to save the world.
 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in US theatres for its second week, didn’t deter the under-18 crowd from going to G-Force’s debut.
Harry Potter’s spell over audiences has not necessarily waned, the sixth film in the Potter series was still in the number two spot and is has already become the fifth highest grossing film in only 12 days of release.
This was not a weekend just for kids as the romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth opened at number three, not bad for an R-rated film.
The crude-rude, bawdy movie stars Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler and made a career breaking record US$27 million for both star Heigl and director, Luketic.
Warner Brothers’ horror/thriller Orphan, seemed out of place in the line-up of comedies but managed to take the number four spot over the weekend, bringing in US$12,8 million. –– Examiner.

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