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ALLOW me to congratulate the greatest international icon of our time Nelson Mandela on his 91st birthday and  to wish him many more.

PARTIES to the GPA must not fool themselves that people shall vote Yes to a flawed constitution-making process. They do not necessarily know what’s best for Zimbabwe.
Seer, Chi-town.

ARE Morgan Tsvangirai and most Zimbabweans fooling themselves on the constitution-making process? I am convinced that the orders to disrupt the indaba came straight from the President’s Office. Are we stupid enough to believe that Robert Mugabe has changed?
Zimbo justice, Harare.

TO Patrick Zhuwao and the thugs that disrupted the constitution indaba, thank you for showing supporters what a disgrace your party has become.
MDC for life.

THE need for change continues to be there all the time. What we tend not to know is what causes it. We are terrified of it, we fight and retreat from it yet it is the future. The fact is that change is the confirmation that we are moving forward. To make positive change work we need people with the right mindset, those who are able to think ahead. Thumbs up to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, we salute you for playing that role.
Stivy Chinozy, Westgate.

MORGAN Tsvangirai and the MDC are riding on a beast which has been given the pseudonym of “inclusive government”. The actual name of the beast is Zanu PF and its driver’s name is Robert Mugabe. The sad thing is that the passengers are being led into the bush where they will be eaten up.
Cde Tozvibuya.

WAS our liberation struggle a revolution or a rebellion? I for one believe it was a rebellion targeting an individual; Ian Smith and not a revolution to change the unjust social system. Where there was a crow there’s now an owl. This current setup is more dangerous than colonialism, it’s like a cancer!

WHAT caused the “land reform” was the shocking referendum defeat and the fact that Zanu PF had nothing to offer the disgruntled voters. Proper land reform happened in the 1980s when genuine landless people were resettled and not the election–focused shame of 2000.
Cleka weDowasuro.
WHILST examination markers wait for months to be paid because of “limited resources” our first lady gets voted as one of the best dressed women in Africa. Talk about our own version of Imelda Marcos who had 3 000 bras and 700 pairs of shoes.

THE real reason MPs want to buy flashy 4x4s is so that they can “access” their constituencies to show how foolish we all were to vote them into office.
Chibox, Marondera.

WE commend the MDC’s disciplinary committee for firing the political “prostitutes”, which was good riddance to bad rubbish!
Ndabishekile, Bulawayo.

TO Arthur Mutambara I say a good leader has to humbly accept criticism. However, you seem to be in a rush to get ridof your critics.

RAYMOND Majongwe and the PTUZ leadership risk becoming irrelevant when they insist on going in the streets. The majority of teachers understand the fact that prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai is failing to get funds to pay us because industry, factories and mines are not generating any revenue. Let’s not listen to those encouraging teachers to strike.
Zwai Masvingo. 

RAYMOND Majongwe is a hypocrite. For how long can he complain about Tendai Biti not consulting teachers’ unions  such as PTUZ and  Zimta in coming up with their salaries, when he and his union do not consult teachers in making decisions  that affect them such as going on strikes. PTUZ leadership has overstayed its welcome.

THUMBS up to Finance Minister Tendai Biti for the sterling work, keep it up. As long as the MDC-T controls the Finance ministry, this country will prosper.

AFRICAN journalists ought to devote more space to covering political gems not germs.
More Obama.

CRY my beloved Highlanders. Why is Highlanders retaining Madinda Ndlovu? We need coaches and players who are devoted to the club. We are tired of being a punch bag.
Farai Mapira.

I TUNE in to ZTV every now and then but I still don’t see the new programmes we were promised.   

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