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MDC-T should speak out on arrests

THE continuous arrest and conviction of MDC-T MPs on various charges has become a great cause of concern because they seem to be politically motivated.

Whilst I concede that the due process of the law must be respected and adhered to, I am now concerned that the endless spate of arrests is an attempt by certain sections within the government to decimate the structures of the MDC and reverse their majority in parliament.

As far as I know at least eight MDC MPs have been convicted this year or are facing charges for various allegations most observers view as trumped up.

The fact that these MPs are from a party that has managed to remove Zanu PF’s stranglehold on the reins of absolute power in parliament raises suspicions –– even in the most objective of people –– that something fishy is going on.

It is a striking coincidence that these MPs are all of a sudden breaking the law and engaging in these criminal activities they are accused of.

The MDC-T leadership must ensure that these MPs are well represented in the courts and should speak out if there is reason to believe that the rulings by the courts are politically motivated.



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