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Gono should be shown the door

RECENT revelations that Gideon Gono had written to President Robert Mugabe recommending that businessman Mutumwa Mawere should be given back his businesses are very worrying considering that Gono was at the forefront of having Mawere arrested for externalisation.

Mawere had to flee Zimbabwe in order to avoid arrest although he all along had pledged his innocence.
But Gono would have none of this and used his powers as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor to have Mawere arrested and strip him off his assets.
Although it is refreshing to hear that Gono is finally advising Mugabe that Mawere should be allowed to reclaim his assets, he has been at the front of persecuting bankers, businessmen and the ordinary people by using quasi-political programmes to run the RBZ.
Hundreds of people have been forced to flee their country as Gono went on a rampage to have these people arrested on flimsy charges.
Scores of high profile businessmen and bankers have been arrested and had to spend spells in remand prison only to have their charges dropped due to lack of evidence.
Worse still millions of Zimbabweans have been made paupers after Gono continued to print the Zimbabwe dollar despite calls that this was fuelling inflation.
People died from curable diseases while others had to spend sleepless nights hungry as they failed to get money from banks because of Gono’s abuse of the RBZ and the banks.
After all this, one begins to understand  calls by the MDC and other progressive forces that Gono should resign in the interests of the nation.
Gono says Mawere should be given back his companies in order to restore international investor confidence in the country.
But he should also resign in the interests of international confidence as he is one of the prime reasons why the international investors are unwilling to invest in the country as they fear losing their businesses to this man.
Gono has caused unnecessary problems and it is high time that he should be shown the door.
In my view Gono should be arrested for causing this mess in the economy.
Agrippa Zvomuya,


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