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Tsvangirai’s Mission was Necessary

THE recent tour of Europe and America by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was necessary and helpful to Zimbabwe.

It is common knowledge for those with an active mindset that sanctions cannot be removed overnight. I believe that Tsvangirai’s tour was a public relations initiative, not a fundraising project.

It is not correct for Zanu PF to portray Tsvangirai as a failure. We are all aware that no financial aid shall come from Europe or America until Robert Mugabe honours the terms of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).
What the Americans and Europeans are saying is that we should implement what we agreed internally. This cannot be interference in our internal affairs.   
I think Mugabe is solely to blame for the poor performance of the inclusive government. As far as I am concerned there is selective application of justice, abductions, lack of property rights, fresh farm invasions, suppression of freedom of the press and a politically coordinated constitution-making process instead of a people–driven one.
Mugabe should not block the finalising of the GPA issues and he should stop hate speech.

Kurauone Chihwayi,
Glen Norah.

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