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MDC disillusioning its supporters

I STRONGLY believe that the MDC should not allow Zanu PF to continue taking the people of Zimbabwe for granted.

Many people like me were strongly against this Global Political Agreement (GPA). It seems like the leadership of the MDC got into bed with Robert Mugabe without any gain to us. The MDC and its president, Morgan Tsvangirai should not be seen to be authenticating Mugabe’s autocratic policies.

We have been in this struggle for a very long period of time and it is mind–boggling to realise that the urgency that the MDC puts on matters that we consider as critical is at variance with what we expect as supporters of the MDC.
Many of our MPs are in prison on trumped up charges and it seems that nothing is done to bring it to an end. What has the MDC done with the Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana issues?
I also want to know why there is a delay in the swearing in of Roy Bennett?
Why can’t the governors be put into office?  What did you agree on about the permanent secretaries? What’s the position on ambassadorial appointments?
The list goes on and on but nothing is happening to resolve these pertinent issues.
We are getting very restless of Zanu PF’s continued antics.

Trymore Mazhambe,

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