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Local Players set to Launch low Cost Airline

A TEAM of indigenous players is set to launch Zimbabwe’s first low cost airline within the next few weeks with a maiden flight scheduled for September this year.

The new airline’s thrust will be on ensuring that flying is both affordable and convenient and is geared to cater for the burgeoning travelling population plying the Harare-Johannesburg and Bulawayo-Johannesburg routes.

Aptly named Fly Kumba, the airline has positioned itself for growth in line with the Government of Zimbabwe’s quest to re-brand itself and re-emerge as the bread basket of the region if not the continent.
Fly Kumba Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Muchaka said the airline’s vision and mission was centred around ensuring that flying is affordable to everyone.
“We intend to become Zimbabwe’s preferred low-cost airline, delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value and offering world class service to price sensitive consumers…Fly Kumba intends to fulfill everyone’s dream of flying based on a fare of below US$80, departure tax included in this price for a flight from Harare to Johannesburg,” said Muchaka.
He said the maiden flight was scheduled for September, 2009.
In line with its vision, Fly Kumba seeks to complement the tourism service and to see the ongoing efforts to re-brand the country as another opportunity for the airline to play their own part in enhancing the image of the country in the outside world.
While flying is often viewed as an exclusive privilege for the elite, Fly Kumba Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Chapwanya said the airline was cognisant of the fact that the prevailing economic recession meant tight budgets for the ordinary person hence
the introduction of this low cost service.
Chapwanya said Fly Kumba intends to pass on benefits of low transportation costs to its clients as every saving can be applied to cover other costs.
“We know that the objective of each traveller is to get to their destination.  Fly Kumba has identified a workable solution enabling travellers to do just that without the burden of unnecessary costs,” said Chapwanya. –– Staff Writer.

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