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From Glamour Desserts to Chocolate Soups

HE created Madonna’s wedding cake and Brooklyn Beckham’s first birthday cake and he doesn’t even have a sweet tooth! Tune in this July as this scrumptious French chef shares his secrets with DStv audiences.

Join award-winning dessert chef Eric Lanlard as he reveals his top tips for perfecting the softest sponges and creamiest cheesecakes in Glamour Puds. Airing from Tuesday July 14 at 18:30 CAT, this tasty series is dedicated entirely to the decadent and dreamy world of puddings and desserts.

Glamour Puds follows Eric through the individual steps that make a dessert fit to grace the most elegant of dinner party tables. Eric breaks each recipe down to a practical and accessible level, helping to dispel the myth that fabulous desserts are too difficult or time consuming to make successfully.
Eric has been crowned Continental Patissier of the Year twice and has rustled up sumptuous sweet treats for Claudia Schiffer and Elizabeth Hurley as well as having the honour of making Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s wedding cake. Glamour Puds combines a wealth of expert advice with top secrets and Eric’s own personal tricks of the trade to inspire even reluctant chefs to try their hand at creating impressive dishes to end a meal.
From chocolate desserts to chocolate soups, is where Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory, (Thursday July 23 at 18:30 CAT on DStv) next takes audiences.
 The four-part series, aiming to introduce the world to premium Venezuelan cacao is the engaging story of a man on a mission to change the way the world thinks about and uses chocolate.
The program follows William “Willie” Harcourt-Cooze and wife Tanya, who about 12 years ago bought a run-down hacienda on the edge of the Henri Pitter National Park in Venezuela’s Aragua State.
After several false starts and stalled projects to reactivate the hacienda they finally hit on the idea of planting cacao trees, which produce the cocoa beans that chocolate is made from.
Now, despite setbacks in Venezuela, Willie’s Venezuelan Black chocolate venture in the UK is going quite well. Plus Willie is supplying chocolate to Marco Pierre-White, one of London’s top chefs, who has been experimenting with it in a number of recipes.
Thinking big, Willie is hoping to become one of the first Britons since the Cadbury family to grow and produce his own chocolate from bean to bar.
Tune in for Glamour Puds which began airing on Tuesday July 14 (18:30 CAT) and for Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory from Thursday July 23 at 18:30 CAT on BBC Lifestyle, channel 180, on DStv.

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