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Crisis at UZ Needs Urgent Attention

I MAKE this appeal to the Prime Minister and his government to give due attention to the crisis at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). The UZ is in a dire and deplorable situation due to gross mismanagement. I suggest that the administration at the UZ be revamped.

In fact certain heads should roll. That is the only way to resolve the crisis. There is also need to inject some capital to kick–start the institution. Please do not neglect the UZ. It is the epitome of the success and/or failure of Zimbabwe’s education system and the economy at large.

The crisis at the UZ has been parochially conceptualised as hinged on the shortage of water, but the reality is that the problem is much broader and deep-seated. I wish to indicate that even if 1 000 boreholes are drilled, and there is water galore at the UZ, it will not open. Lecturers are grumbling and petulant because of poor working conditions while the administration is presiding over the demise of a once top university in Africa.
The UZ staff is ridiculously underpaid. The administration has turned a blind eye to the cause of lecturers and non-academic staff and treats them with disdain and contempt. It’s a crying shame.

Disgruntled lecturer,

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