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We should not trust politicians

APPARENTLY Lovemore Madhuku was right about the constitution-making process. What Zanu PF and the two MDC formations are doing leaves a lot to be desired, and we cannot condone such uncouth behaviour.

The point is that we do not want to be asked for our input only when it’s time for the referendum but we need to be involved the making of the draft constitution.

I don’t think we should trust politicians to spearhead the constitution-making process. Instead the various civic and human rights organisations should play a pivotal role in the process.
The current effort by the GNU to supposedly involve the masses is a mere smokescreen to hoodwink the masses into rubberstamping a draft constitution that –– in all intents and purposes –– is not reflective of the will of the majority of Zimbabweans.
Before we even get to discuss and argue the contents of the Kariba draft, we should hasten to condemn the process that resulted in that document. Four people are barely enough to be relied on to make a constitution for a club, worse still for a whole country. If they chose to ignore our cries for dropping the Kariba draft and include the masses in coming up with another draft constitution then come referendum time we will simply vote NO! I am sure Zanu PF got a taste of that the other time when they tried to take the will of the people for granted.

Laswet savadye,

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