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HIS talent was phenomenal, his stage work colossal. The inimitable Michael Jackson has “moon walked” off life’s stage.-Nut09.

IF the MDC had any illusions about Zanu PF’s sincerity to the GPA, the sidelining of its president to chair last Tuesday’s rescheduled cabinet meeting must have shaken the powers that be at Harvest House. Zanu PF and MDC are uneasy bedfellows.
    Damba, Mutare.

IF Robert Mugabe continues to unilaterally make decisions then the MDC should continue boycotting until they are equal partners.
Nyamasvisva, Harare.

ROBERT Mugabe and the service chiefs must go.
Zimbo justice.

WEBSTER Shamu should not expect the media to toe the Zanu PF line and project their point of view.
    John L.

IF Nathaniel Manheru thinks Morgan Tsvangirai has been dwarfed in his stature because he did not get the anticipated aid from the West then let’s have elections sooner so that we the voters teach a certain party a lesson.

WHILST the move by our PM to publish a newsletter about his trip was good, I would like to urge him not to forget to push for media reform because we cannot continue to rely on newsletters.
Nkulumani, Mutare.

I THINK it is necessary for the GPA to be made available to the general public through the media such as the Zimbabwe Independent and the like for more enlightenment on it.

THE media should publish the  NCA draft constitution so that we may subject it to  scrutiny and also for comparison with the Kariba draft.

HARDLINERS or not, GNU or not, we the people know that true freedom and democracy shall prevail. Our resolve will live forever.

TO Tendai Biti I say please do not be like Esau in the Bible who sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. Where were the Chinese all the other years when we were suffering? Let us not mortgage our natural resources. It is the heritage of our children. Let us get a loan that we will be able to repay.
IT seems that we wasted time and energy fighting the whites so that we could voluntarily get colonised by the Chinese.

NO Zimbabwean will accept reverting to the Zimbabwean dollar while Robert Mugabe and Gideon Gono still call the shots.
Netshinangana, Beitbridge.

ANDREW Phiri’s response to the letter “Machipisa Police Station conduct cause for concern” (Zimbabwe Independent July 3 to 9) is typical of the ZRP’s inability to accept genuine criticism and clearly shows the arrogant attitude it shows towards the taxpaying public. If you want to see an example of their ineptitude, just take a drive up Robert Mugabe Rd toward Rotten Row and witness the total chaos caused by unruly kombi drivers, who have their own rules of the road and are never challenged by the police.

THE current shutdowns of generators at Hwange power station and the outstanding payments on imported power are a real threat to the economic recovery of our country. This will ultimately reduce production in the manufacturing industry. May the GNU urgently address this issue!
Tatenda waChikoko.

POWER cuts are going to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. The responsible authorities should allow us to import household generators duty free.
Chibox, Marondera.

WHY do we always blame Zesa for the exorbitant bills which are based on our consumption? Most of us leave our geysers switched on 24 hours a day.
Economist, Harare.

WHILST the UZ remains shut and students’ needs virtually ignored, our so-called government still has the nerve to offer scholarships for students to go to South Africa. Charity begins at home.

I WONDER if we have a fully functional meteorological department. Do they even have the modern equipment and the necessary expertise? Their “forecasts” (or are they predictions?) always turn out to be completely unreliable.
Mr Abas.

I WANT to applaud ZTV for the programmes it recently introduced. I fell in love with most of them instantly. Thumbs up to you! Keep it up.
Agripa Ngwazi.

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