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Harare City Council should play its role

I WOULD like to applaud the non-governmental organisations who have taken the issue of refuse collection into their own hands and have engaged in a massive cleaning programme in Harare, especially in Kuwadzana high density suburb.

They have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the suburb’s streets are clean and have deployed people to do just that. However it seems their efforts are in vain because for anything to prosper there should be support.

The city council should at least recognise the efforts being made by those helping them in their duty of cleaning the city.
All their efforts are going to waste because there are no refuse collecting trucks to collect the bins from the community hence people are continuing to dump their rubbish on roadsides.
What they are only good at doing is charging high fines for those caught dumping their rubbish along the roadsides without their making any effort to alleviate the situation.


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