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GNU must focus on reviving the economy

TO be truthful political parties in Zimbabwe are now just jostling for votes instead of trying to revive the economy. If the truth be told raising salaries should not have been the priority for the GNU.

What we need is a working economy which will pay its workers. It does not make sense for the government to shell out every cent they get from donors to salaries.

This is clearly designed to ensure short-term political gain. It’s not going to help Zimbabwe in any way. It seems that modest amounts are being channeled towards resuscitating industry and parastatals. This fake stability will come crashing down on us and it will harm us in a major way.
It was irresponsible for the MDC to join this GNU without demanding that Zanu PF make major concessions. After more than five months in the GNU the RBZ is still run by Gideon Gono, Gross Domestic Product is still minuscule and yet the government spends hundreds of millions a month –– money they do not have.
Zimbabweans must understand that whatever money we get will not solve the crisis we are facing such as the crisis of governance. Without any doubt any money from the Chinese is likely to go straight to Robert Mugabe and Gono before Biti even knows that it is here.
The fact of the matter is that both parties are guilty of glossing over the magnitude of our economic situation for political expediency.
We can give teachers the US$500 but as long as our economics are built on sand we will go back to square one after the elections and it will hurt more. Mark my words!


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