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Football Authorities Must act on Hooliganism

FOOTBALL authorities need to deal with hooliganism at stadiums as a matter of urgency. Police officers, coaches and players have had a run-in with them and the clashes are reaching alarming levels –– the latest being the row between Caps United coach Lloyd Chitembwe with fans.

Soon after suffering a defeat at the hands of Shooting Stars, Caps United supporters –– as had become the norm –– demanded the immediate sacking of Chitembwe.

Chitembwe then allegedly made insulting gestures using the middle finger, whilst the Caps director was manhandled in the VIP enclosure. To those who know about Caps United fans’ modus operandi it was not surprising, given their culture of violence whenever they lose.
During Moses Chunga’s reign Gwanzura Stadium was on many occasions turned into a battle zone with fans clashing with the police.
On one occasion Chunga had to be escorted home by the police.
Not to be outdone are their rivals at Dynamos who despite their team hammering their opponents on the pitch make it a crime to visit Rufaro stadium for the game.
Assaults, insults, and threats are the order of the day at Rufaro, be it journalists, coaches, directors, referees and even vendors.
Surprisingly, this occurs under the watchful eye of VIPs and other dignitaries yet we cry foul that such people do not want to invest in local football.
What is most disturbing is that the offenders walk away scot free.
There are many stakeholders who have contributed towards Dembare’s success such as Morrison Sifelani who apparently is no longer comfortable attending Dembare’s Rufaro matches.
Journalists are also not spared either. Sunday Mail’s Makomborero Mutimukulu and former Standard journalist Lloyd Mutungamiri are some of the victims of violence.
Of late fans are also targeting players from the opposing team such as the incident when Highway’s Willard Katsande had snuff thrown in his eyes.
One shudders to imagine the ugly scenario that would materialise if Dembare were to start losing matches.
Zifa and the police should work together to map out strategies todeal with the violence, especially at Rufaro Stadium.


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