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ZRP Responds

I ACKNOWLEDGE receipt of the complaint against the police and wish to make the following comment.
Most police stations in Zimbabwe have a single block of cells and the block of cells is fenced to allow for feeding and exercises.


At times we use the fenced area as a screening ground before suspects are locked in the cells.  Shoplifting, illegal vending are offences under the laws of the country.


The Liquor Act also prohibits the drinking of beer in a public place. ZRP is mandated to enforce all laws of the country. In that light I see nothing wrong if police officers arrest people for engaging in unlawful activities as cited above.

It s unfair for anyone –– let alone a resident in Zimbabwe –– to suggest that the police are not enforcing traffic legislation. The Zimbabwe Republic Police has a section that is dedicated to deal with all traffic-related issues, the Traffic Branch.

The “tired” resident is free to visit any traffic station –– just as an eye opener –– to see the extent of workload that the police has in respect of the traffic offences that are cited in the complaint document.

Let me take this opportunity to inform the public that all goods that are seized by the police as exhibits to an offence are disposed of following laid down procedures. The seized goods do not belong to the arresting officers or to any other police officers for that matter.

May I remind the resident and other members of the public on the importance of making formal complaints to the police in the event that they are not satisfied with the conduct or behaviour of police officers. The habit of just generalising and writing letters to newspapers does not help, as it is difficult for the police to take corrective action thereafter.

We encourage members to make use of our suggestion boxes, hotlines or to approach a police station and seek to see the officer in charge so that their grievances can be attended to promptly and professionally.

We rely on information and support of the public in our operations. The police are busy hunting for “wanted persons” and would be more than happy if the resident could lead them to the criminals that are said to be staying in Highfield.

Andrew Phiri,
Acting Staff Officer Press and
Public Relations,
Police General Headquarters.


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