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School Levies a big rip off

I WANT to express my gratitude to Education minister David Coltart for cutting the school fees we have to pay.

However, that will not stop schools such as Avondale Primary from making up for it somehow by calling an extra civvies’ day, tie day or a tracksuit day or maybe even another teachers’ comfort levy as the schools rip us off at every possible chance.

We even had to pay for extra classes during the holiday to make up for the time when the teachers were not there.

May I point out to the minister that it is not the school fees that we cannot afford but the levy. 

Yes we know that they are agreed to by the majority –– but at Avondale Primary, those of us who are correctly zoned for the school are being out voted by all the richer parents that bus their kids in from outside the zoned area. 

If we complain we are told to move our kids to a rural school.  I work and live in Avondale, why should I be parted from my children? It is  because the school prefers children of richer parents who don’t live anywhere near Avondale.

Maybe you should sit in on the next PTA meeting and hear for yourself how we are laughed at and shamed into accepting the will of the so-called majority.

H Kamwendo,

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