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KARIKOGA Kaseke has failed to turn around the tourism industry in Zimbabwe. It has gone from bad to worse on his watch. Even Fifa has since lost confidence in Zimbabwe because of the poor administration.

WILL the University of Zimbabwe open I wonder? Former students like Tendai Biti, Arthur Mutambara and others must help us.
Ahoyi MaUBA.

I AM a UZ student and it pains me to see Zanu PF policies destroy my future. All they care about is power and money. What is Stan Mudenge doing about our plight? He is just  dead wood like the rest of his party.
UZ student.

CAN Zesa please explain to us why an area in Marlborough called “red roofs” has electricity always when the rest of Marlborough is switched off everyday. Is it because there is a Zesa manager who lives there?  If so I am willing to move to my cottage and let your senior managers live in my house for free. Please explain why you never follow your load –shedding schedule ever since you started it when it comes to Marlborough.

THE move by Elias Mudzuri for consumers to pay US$30 or more per month for electricity or risk supplies being cut is pure extortion. It is still very expensive. May someone come to our rescue?
Agripa Ngwazi.

WHY do mobile phone service providers claim that they are not making any profit when one cannot phone for five minutes from a dollar? Travelling has become cheaper than phoning yet it is supposed to be the other way round. The relevant ministry should do something.

ARE the ministries of Finance and Agriculture aware of Agribank employees’ plight? We have been mistreated for far too long.

WE need to prioritise three issues in the new constitution. These are the need for the devolution of power, proportional representation and a Bill of Rights.

WE should declare Gweru the new capital city and reside the Supreme Court in Bulawayo whilst Harare retains the legislature. There should also be devolution of power to five provinces.
I ADVISE the GNU to do away with appointing governors because they are a waste of money.
Fed up.

PEOPLE must stop criticising Professor Jonathan Moyo. He is just giving an honest analysis of the shortcomings of the GNU. People might hate him but he is the only man to show the people what can be done if a man is given a government post in terms of development. Tsholotsho could have gone very far today if he had not been disturbed by the politics of hate and jealousy.
Remember that the situation we find our country in today was foretold by him in the early 1990s.

TENDAI Biti should stop harassing Gideon Gono because he had to apply desperate measures to quell a desperate situation. He saved the nation from total collapse and I wonder where Biti was at that time?
Political Analyst.

GIDEON Gono should write letters of complaint to Robert Mugabe who appointed him and not to Morgan Tsvangirai who is against his appointment.
Ndiza, Plumtree.

GIDEON Gono is trying to use Morgan Tsvangirai as a boat after he created the river. Tsvangirai should let him drown.
Top Shatta, Belvedere.

THE Sunday Mail should rise above their gutter journalism. If Morgan Tsvangirai was given a brief by  Robert Mugabe and cabinet to go and campaign for the removal of sanctions why are they trying to demean his efforts?

PLEASE Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, we want a rally in Rusape.
MDC for life.

ARTHUR Mutambara does not support Robert Mugabe but he refuses to be a British puppet like what we see in some MDC-T officials.

A CHANGE of leadership in Zanu PF would renew the people’s hopes in it. If that happens we will vote for it because it represents total independence as opposed to neo-colonialism.

IT is ungodly to punish the innocent whilst the crooked walk free. But it seems that Robert Mugabe’s government does exactly that. Jestina Mukoko’s issue being a case in point.
Mude Chitungwiza.

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