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Moyo, Charamba resist media reform

IT was sickening to say the least after reading the Sunday Mail this week when George Charamba and Jonathan Moyo were trying to pour scorn on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Bulletin that was launched last week.

The two were seriously showing they were against any forms of media reforms in the country and Charamba used the Sunday Mail as a platform to lick his wounds after the recent High Court ruling which stated that the Media and Information Commission was no longer a legitimate body.

Charamba and Moyo should realise that the Global Political Agreement has brought some democratic changes to the country.
And the move by Prime Minister Tsvangirai to have a publication is one of the moves that show that the country is on a transitional path to democracy.
It is a shame that Charamba, Moyo and Tafataona Mahoso are finding it hard to comprehend that the country is heading for democratic change.
Their reaction has shown that they are not happy that the PM has met with world leaders such as Barack Obama when their boss can only get that opportunity in his dreams.
Tsvangirai should be commended for taking the initiative of publishing the publication and this will give the people of Zimbabwe an opportunity to know what is happening in the country despite the continued black-out that his activities are getting from the state media.
The state media has been quiet in reporting that Tsvangirai received astounding accolades and acknowledgement from the Western leaders for his relentless resolve to bring back democracy in Zimbabwe.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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