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Diaspora can ‘return’ in various ways

THE Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface (ZDDI) hails the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s call for Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom to consider coming home because the message resonates with our aspirations.

Whilst Tsvangirai’s genuine call may not have gone down well with a section of the Zimbabwean diaspora community, there are many other Zimbabweans in the diaspora who are keen to explore ways to contribute to the reconstruction of Zimbabwe. We wish to clarify that not all Zimbabweans in the UK are exiles and this media stereotype does not help the public understand the Zimbabwean diasporans.

We recognise the undeniable fact that Zimbabwe has suffered a serious brain drain over the years and that skills in the diaspora can be tapped into if there is a clear mechanism and programme to plough back into their country.
We urge better communication between the inclusive government and the diaspora community.
We wish the PM well in his quest to re-engage Zimbabwe with the international community as well as the diaspora.We are ready to share ideas on best practice in various fields in order to enable Zimbabwe to compete in the global society.
Returning home can be done in various ways as visitors, tourists, locum workers, and investors and returning home permanently. As the prime minister said, it will always be an individual decision.   

Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface.

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