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‘Eminem made me do it’

A US man, stabbed his wife and kids to death and told police that he sang Eminem’s lyrics as he committed the atrocious murders.

According to court documents, Miller stabbed his wife, Adriana (28), his 10-year-old daughter, Valeria and four-year-old son, Brian at their home. Miller told police that when his children woke up to their mother’s screams, he stabbed them too. Adriana and Valeria died, but the four-year-old survived despite being stabbed 11 times. Miller said he punched Brian in the face and stabbed him the most “because he loved him the most”.

The man told authorities that he sang Eminem’s lyrics as he stabbed his family.
Those are supposedly the lyrics from an Eminem song that Michael Miller says he screamed to his wife before stabbing her and his daughter to death. –– Musicrooms.

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