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WE want  elected provincial premiers who will implement the policies formulated by the  provincial legislature.
Mamjiji, Zvimba.

WE don’t want a president with executive powers; once bitten twice shy; the constitutional committee must know that.
Shikota, Hwange.

LET’S advocate for the devolution of power and proportional representation in the new people-driven constitution.
Tozivepi, Uzumba.

IF Tsvangirai and the MDC are who they say they are then why is the prime minister’s niece grabbing a farm? We all put ourselves at great risks for the MDC. We are losing trust rapidly.

IAM a civil servant getting US$100 per month, my Zesa bill is US$119, total amount to be paid in levies and fees for my three kids is over US$200, Zinwa bill is at US$48, my transport expenditure stands at US$40 per month and some good people have allowed Zesa to cut off electricity.
I am preparing my family for darkness because I am not Jesus who fed thousands from three loaves. I cannot tear US$100 to come up with US$500 and talk of food is another problem. Mr Mudzuri are you still with us or not?
Amai Zimba.

AMERICA should not dictate the person to lead the army in Zimbabwe please, we are no longer a colony?

SHAME for Musapenda’s cartoon
in the Sunday Mail, “Ronaldo is
sold for US$130 million and then Obama gives us only US$73 million”. Ronaldo is the world’s property, don’t liken him to Zimbabwe.
Makandiona N, Mbare.

SHAME on Tsvangirai and his American niece, this woman is selfish. If the uncle is not able to control his greedy relatives then start subtracting your votes Tsvangirai. We are not going to repeat the same mistake.
Mai Zimba.

CONGRATULATIONS to the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe for being elected as the chairperson at the Comesa summit’s round table. We pray that through the leadership role entrusted on her, she will rescue Zimbabweans to a bright future.
WARP, Bulawayo.

IF Gono is concerned about the welfare of Zimbabweans then he should resign.

IF Zanu PF is an honest party in the inclusive government it should walk the talk, assisting the prime minister in his talk with the West over sanctions.
David Marango, Chitungwiza.

PREVIOUS UN observers noted rule by conquest not by consensus. Any changes? Not so fast prime minister. Donor conditions are neither unfair nor hard on Zimbabweans. Convince your partners to put the nation first.
Zim hostage.

WHETHER Zesa meters are being read or not at US7cents per KW, Zesa tariffs are expensive, that’s the bottom line.
Zesa A customer, Bulawayo.

TO compare Tsvangirai with the likes of Joshua Nkomo is nonsensical. Nkomo is our liberator and Tsvangirai is a mere puppet of the West. The man is there to fight the vision of Mdala wethu. Please do no insult us like that.
TT Moyo, Lupane.

MAY Zifa please update its website so that pictures of facilities like stadiums, gyms, hotels etc can be seen at the click of the button in preparation for  SA 2010.
Agripa Ngwazi.

AFTER the shambolic land reform and black empowerment  we are now the laughing stock of the globe. Let us wake up youths of Africa, they are lions in sheepskin.

MUGABE did not grab the land from the whites whom you call former land owners, but he just took back what was stolen from our ancestors so forget about what you call property rights. It is democracy to give back what have been stolen to the owner.
TT Moyo.

DEMOCRACY and transparency within the MDC-T has been choked badly and there is a widening gap between the top leadership and the structures. The flopped rally at Glamis stadium was an indication. God save the MDC.

THE West wants regime change in Zimbabwe and does not want Mugabe to be there simply because he won’t reverse the land reform programmme.

MORGAN Tsvangirai must stop making excuses for Mugabe. He is deceiving you and will finally put a knife in your back. Be warned.
Take heed

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