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Govt’s Anti-sanctions Crusade Futile

THE anti-sanctions crusade which has seen Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai visiting at least six European countries to lobby for the removal of sanctions is set to be a futile attempt which exposes Zanu PF’s hypocrisy.

In my view no sane country would want to normalise relations with President Robert Mugabe’s administration, especially given the fact that his party has violated or is still to fully commit itself to some of the provisions of the Global Political Agreement.

If from the day the principals from the three political parties authenticated the agreement by signing it all the parties had shown full commitment to the forged unity, then the international community would naturally have considered reversing its sanctions stance against Zimbabwe.
Recent outbursts by Mugabe at the funeral of Dr Gideon Gono’s  brother in which he pointed out that Gono would remain the Reserve Bank governor when we all know that his reappointment was in sharp contrast to the spirit of the GPA, clearly show the president’s unrepentant mood and attitude. As usual Zanu PF’s top brass joined the pro-Gono chorus in support of the president’s sentiments. This a clear indication that the party is not willing to share the political cake with other parties when circumstances demand otherwise.
Tsvangirai has been sent on a wild goose chase and the Dutch government was right in its demand for transparency, genuine and honesty commitment from Zanu PF to the unity government before normalisation of relations.
Zanu PF must realise that its anti-sanctions rhetoric will be futile until the party fully commits itself to all the provisions of the unity agreement.

Farai J Nerera

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