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Rural civic education a priority

RESIDENTS of rural areas –– who form the bigger portion of Zimbabwe’s population –– are in dire need of civic education if they are to contribute effectively in the national healing and constitution–making processes.

The rural population forms more than 70% of the whole Zimbabwean population.

There has to be maximum participation from the rural populace if national healing and the constitution–making processes are to be genuinely reflective of the wishes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.

We appeal to civil society to intensify civic education especially in rural areas where infrastructural development is lagging behind as compared to urban areas. Rural people have been manipulated by politicians to achieve their own ends.  

Information disseminated in the media does not reach most of these people and there is no infrastructure to facilitate the free flow of information.

There is no internet connection, no electricity and some areas have no radio or television transmission. These people deserve to participate in the governance of their country.

Restoration of Human Rights  

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