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MDC is Bigger than Individuals

THE Professor Arthur Mutambara-led MDC is scaling greater heights and is not being pushed around by some dumpyard or chequebook journalists.

The MDC is an organisation with resources and the capacity to deal with the political prostitutes within the party.

I am pleased to say that the Mutambara of yesteryear is different from the Mutambara of today. Mutambara is a young intellectual with the attributes to become head of state if he plays his cards well.

We are currently seeing a black hand in the crusade to demonise Mutambara and his party which is a shame. We shall remain steadfast, committed and focused because we believe in principled leadership. To date we are happy with the performance of Mutambara and his team in the inclusive government. Political prostitution by some MPs is alarming and shameful.

Such MPs should be off-loaded urgently because we cannot afford to have double-faced legislators.
Whether it is Zanu PF or MDC-T which is sowing confusion, I advise them to stop that now.

We are not in the game to make up the numbers but to wrest power from the Robert Mugabe regime. Whoever thinks we are underdogs and desktop politicians must be day-dreaming.

It would be foolish to leave the party now when it is at its strongest point.

Those who want to go should go as deputy Secretary-General Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga stated in her statement after the split.

A rebel shall die a rebel and it is good for the party to off-load the excess baggage now rather than later. We are prepared to soldier on without the MPs, instead of pretending to have those that are not ours. We are not in the business of being swallowed by the MDC-T or Zanu PF. We want serious MPs, not MPs like Abednico Bhebhe and company who are two-faced.

MDC cannot be destroyed through the media or some political crusade. We shall not succumb to such cheap politicking.

MDC respects political diversity and has a more democratic approach to issues, not a dictatorial one. Defections in the MDC are being exaggerated and some of the rebellions are fictitious.

We soldiered on when the party had no resources, why should we leave now when the party is exceptionally strong in terms of its capacity to deliver political change.

Gone are the days of following the wind for the sake of following the wind. MDC has moved from the politics of hate to the politics of substance. We are a serious party with a serious leadership and a pursuing a serious agenda for change.

Some tycoons across the Limpopo want to use money to meddle in our internal affairs. They should stop before they become irrelevant.

Mutambara will only be removed or strengthened by our congress and not by political dissidents.

Kurauone Chihwayi,
MDC Provincial Secretary for Information
and Publicity.

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