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Complain About More Pertinent Issues

I READ in the Herald of June 3 about an organisation called Doctors for Development defending Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono against the call for his ouster.

Where were these doctors when people were dying from preventable diseases and lack of medication? Where were they when prisoners were dying like flies from starvation and neglect? Where were they when equipment decayed in hospitals and became obsolete?

I wonder where they were when government denied there was a cholera outbreak and said  it was a result of chemical warfare from the West. I am sure these “doctors” have to come to Gono’s defence because they benefited from his patronage system meant to buy their loyalty.

To the government “health skills retention” is all about giving doctors cars and providing nurses and others transport to and from work.

To me it’s more a case of closing the stable door after the horses have bolted.

Doctors and health personnel have been leaving the country for greener pastures for the past 30 years because government never bothered to address their real grievances.

We still have the same old consultants we have had since Independence and they are a dying breed because we failed to raise a new generation of consultants.

Why have we lost almost half of our population to other countries –– because of sanctions?
If such organisations respected human life they should have cried foul when people were being beaten up and denied treatment in government hospitals.

F H,

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