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Cimas’ Conduct Leaves a lot to be Desired

AS a Cimas member for 35 years –– who is now retired –– who held senior positions within industry I always supported Cimas’ good delivery of medical care insurance to many hundreds of my staff in Zimbabwe.

I write this letter in the interest of dialogue with Cimas members as relationships between Cimas and the medical profession, Cimas and its member companies and above all Cimas and the many employees who depend on it for their health care are at a nadir.

Cimas’ performance since the first intervention by the Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono in removing zeros from the Zimbabwe dollar has been at best lamentable and at worst almost fraudulent.

Given that all right thinking Zimbabweans have bent over backwards to accommodate institutions that have struggled through times of extreme economic hardship over the past several years Cimas’ performance could have been so much better.

Despite paying my contributions throughout this period the claims I submitted to Cimas for payment between March 2008 and the introduction of the US dollar were denied and described as irregular or not covered.
I did not receive any communication from them about their position on contributions and claims after August 2008. Even monthly statements ceased to come.

I did not receive any advice concerning the acceptance of “units” nor the system for US dollar contributions and claims.

I had to get this information by visiting the Cimas offices in what has become an extremely hazardous part of Harare for the sick and the elderly.

The last notice on Cimas’ website prior to current the 2009 information was last updated on February 2008.

The list of participating medical practitioners posted on the website last updated on May 26 2009 includes virtually none of the general practitioners and specialists in practice in Harare and precious few in other centres. Need I say more?

Edward A Karnicki,

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