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We Need More Accountability

THE opinion piece “Selfish millers deserve no protection” (Zimbabwe Independent, May 29) about millers who have asked for help against cheaper imports made a lot of sense. No one should look for profits at the expense of feeding the nation.

The writer, Rashweat Mukundu, also suggests that government, in its efforts to restore the Zimbabwean economy, should go back to the grass roots and study what the people have and what they are doing to keep going through these challenging times.

I would go even further and suggest that local government structures should go back to their rate payers to see how they are coping.   

Again centralisation in Harare is not working.   For instance residents and rate payers of one suburb watch as their money is sent to Harare City Council and their own roads are left un-patched. 

The newly elected councillor for Greendale was good enough to hold a “report back” meeting recently.  I am now waiting and expecting a similar meeting to be called by our MP.

We are the voters who voted councillors and MPs into their posts based on what they promised to do for us.

They should always give feedback to their constituencies.

This would give the MPs an opportunity to get the various opinions and ideas from the voters and gain points for the next elections to be held in approximately two years time.


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