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I WANT to say thank you to Unicef, the UN and WHO for all their hard work in Zimbabwe to eradicate cholera in our land.
     Grateful, Harare.

IN Concession Zesa has apparently “developed” a new form of load shedding; we now have a continuously low voltage of electricity in our homes. At least there are no black outs!
Cool Joe.

I STAY in Daylesford in Gweru and have had no electricity for the past eight months. Minister Elias Mudzuri should come to our aid.
Tasviba nechiutsi.

MORGAN Tsvangirai should ensure that he fulfils his election promises. He duped us into going back to teach and yet we do not see the money he promised. He should not mistake our patience for foolishness.

IF deciding on the national hero status of a person is the prerogative of one party then it defies the spirit of inclusiveness. Is it national hero or party hero?
Tendai, Mutare.

I WAS surprised to learn that some Zanu PF ward coordinators are being paid monthly salaries/allowances by the government like civil servants. What is that for? This is plain abuse of taxpayers’ money.
Loyal civil servant.

THIS is a wake up call to Masvingo Central MP Jefferyson Chitando. The electorate has suffered enough from the incompetent MPs they have had since 1980. For instance the road from Masvingo to Chatikobo is in an appalling state. There has been no development to date and Chitando must be careful not to follow the route of his predecessors. At times we risk voting for a party regardless of the calibre of the candidate. He should serve the people otherwise it might be his first and last term in parliament.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

IT boggles the mind what job Gideon Gono must do at the RBZ. Has he become unemployable outside of the RBZ? His tenure has been a total fiasco and he must just leave in the national interest.
Damba, Mutare.

BY publicly admitting that calling for Gideon Gono’s ouster implies calling for Zanu PF to go as well  Patrick Chinamasa  exposed the extent of Gono’s abuse of state funds. He helped fund the spate of killings, abductions, and torture we endured. He must just go peacefully.
Gweta, Harare.
IT’S no wonder that the service chiefs are rallying behind Gideon Gono. They are after all major beneficiaries of the gravy train’s disbursements.
Weary tax payer.

ROBERT Mugabe admitted a while back that the “Gukurahundi” massacres were a moment of madness. If Mugabe was the commander in chief of the army what does it say of his character? Anyway when did he become Gideon Gono’s spokesman in saying that the latter will not go anywhere? I hope that it is not another moment of madness.

WE are fed up with Jonathan Moyo’s lack of foresight and his personal vendetta against the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai in particular. We know that he is aligned to Zanu PF and so he should not waste public space until he starts campaigning for the repeal of Aippa and Posa.

WE need Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to hold a rally in Lupane. We rally behind you sir!

I HOPE that Morgan Tsvangirai still remembers what he promised us at a rally he held at Sakubva stadium in Mutare where he said that he would not betray us. He must always remember that many have been killed, raped, tortured and displaced by Zanu PF because they supported the MDC.
    Shiki, Mutare.

JOICE Mujuru remains one of the sober minds in Zanu PF. Even if they oust Mujuru, Zanu PF will not win the next election. Emmerson Mnangagwa does not command a national following and failed to win against Blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe until George Chiweshe opened up a rural constituency. He would still be in the political wilderness.

RASHWEAT Mukundu’s article “Selfish millers deserve no protection” (Zimbabwe Independent, May 29) is myopic to say the least. The issue is not about millers but the farmers. If it costs less to import South African mealie meal than to buy Zimbabwean maize, who will support the local farmer? The same thing is happening in our chicken industry. We seem to be determined to kill our agriculture!

THE Zimbabwe Independent and Financial Gazette should launch their daily newspapers forthwith and the corporate world should support them by placing their adverts.

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