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Lion Match Zim Preying on Patriotism

SELF-MADE billionaire Donald Trump once said that if he had a billion dollar deal with someone and they declared the wrong score on their score card he would pull out of the deal because that would be lack of integrity.


Lion Match Zimbabwe is importing Lion Matches from Tanzania  because of the lack of availability of blue and yellow board from Mutare Board and Paper Mills.


The only unethical thing about that is that the imported matches are labelled “Made in Zimbabwe”. The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe needs to protect the consumer from such misinformation. We would appreciate a response from both Lion Match Zimbabwe and the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe.

Matches are merely a commodity and brand loyalty must not be derived from misinformation. We urge companies to act with integrity and not to misinform the public. Zimbabwe must allow more brands and competition for prices to come down for the benefit of consumers.

Lion Matches has dominated the market based on misinformed brand loyalty. Zimbabweans assume that it is a Zimbabwean-owned company. We need full disclosure and a response from the management to put everything into perspective. In the US a falsely labelled product is recalled as part of protecting the public.

Dumisani Ndlovu,

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