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Put Your House in Order MDC

WHILST I chose to belong to the MDC-T after the original MDC split, I believe that I am not an enemy of the MDC.

As a result I have even shared my views with some members of the MDC leadership. Sometimes my views have been well received, but sometimes they have been misconstrued and given a hostile reception. A case in point was when Professor Arthur Mutambara called me a foolish loser after I expressed an opinion.

From my perspective the party is headed for the political dustbin unless something is done urgently to change the party’s direction.

In my opinion, some leaders in the party are doing the same things that they accused Morgan Tsvangirai of doing which led to the split in 2005. Ultimately it is all about power.

The other serious mistake the party made was in its appointment of cabinet ministers.

The majority of its ministers were unelected appointees. Elected and competent MPs like former Gwanda mayor Zinti Mnkandla and Abednico Bhebhe were left out of cabinet positions.

In my opinion Mnkandla –– an experienced educationist and administrator –– could easily have been appointed Minister of Education while David Coltart could have taken either Priscilla Misihairambwi’s or Welshman Ncube’s ministerial positions.

The MDC could have fielded more elected ministers than the present scenario where the majority of the party’s ministers are unelected.

To prove the point that it is all about power, when Mutambara successfully negotiated for a Minister of State post in his office, the whole intention was to accommodate Gibson Sibanda at the expense of elected MPs.

One can then conclude that the current crisis in the party –– which has resulted in the suspension of a number of MPs –– is all about unelected officials wanting to be recognised more than popularly elected MPs.

I hope the MDC take this as constructive criticism and re-visit their policies in the areas of concern if they want to move forward as a party.

Benjamin Chitate,
New Zealand.

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