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Higher Education in Dire Straits

THE Students Solidarity Trust (SST) is disturbed by the appalling nature of human rights violations against students against the background of the inclusive government that has committed itself to the guaranteeing of security of persons as espoused by the Global Political Agreement (GPA).  

We urge the inclusive government to put a plug on these violations whose frequency and intensity are increasing by the day, and are putting a dent on the credibility of the inclusive government as freedom of association and assembly  of students are still being trampled on with alarming impunity.

The continued closure of the University of Zimbabwe is short-changing students and has the potential of inflicting irreversible damage on their career prospects.  We are cognisant of the revelation by the Vice-Chancellor, Levy Nyagura that the UZ needs about US$4,5 million for it to be fully operational.  And we also welcome the attempts to arrest the water problems at the campus by drilling boreholes.  

Against this background we are persuaded to impress on the government, especially the Minister of Higher Education, to tackle the issue of the University of Zimbabwe with the seriousness it deserves.

Students Solidarity Trust,

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