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Zesa Giving us raw Deal

ARE the powers that be at Zesa  aware of the fact that we as the consumers have to provide transport, a ladder and even money to ensure that electricity is switched back on?

For over a month now Eastlea residents who stay along Caithness? Boundary and Peebles roads have had to deal with an erratic electricity supply. What we are not sure of is whether these power cuts are premeditated or unforeseen electrical faults.

Every time we register our complaint at the David Livingstone Primary School Zesa base station we are told that we have to provide transport, a ladder and preferably pay the technician so that he may be able to fix our problem.

The frustrating thing is that shortly after doing all of that one may have to call them the next day to attend to the same problem. This is despite the fact that we pay hefty monthly bills that have now risen beyond the reach of many.

Many residents in our area have become suspicious of the way Zesa is dealing with our problems. I wonder if this has become a money making scheme or only that the authorities are not aware of this.

Sometimes we are told that our problem emanates from the breakdown of a transformer in another area close by — which forces us to supply electricity to that area. As a result they claim that it is creating an overload. Does Zesa create a solution by creating a problem? We are only aware that their duty is to create solutions.

It was going to be a fair deal if Zesa would allow us to record all the expenses we would have incurred from engaging their staff and then deduct them (expenses) from our monthly bills.

Last week most residents were asked to cut down trees that were standing in the way of electrical cables. If one then calculates the money one would have used to have these unending electrical faults fixed, it will surpass one’s monthly electrical bills by far. As consumers we are becoming losers in this game and Zesa is milking us big time.

I find it very disturbing that after paying a US$40 Zesa bill for a service not being provided for I still have to deal with the damage done to my electrical appliances due to constant power cuts. Please Minister Elias Mudzuri help us by solving this problem.

Eve Hungwe,

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