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Blood Mangoes

PLEASE be advised that all mangoes that are currently being sold around Zimbabwe are a late variety called Keitt and that there is only one farm with that variety left hanging on the trees in Southern Africa. This is Mount Carmel Farm in Chegutu belonging to Mike Campbell.

On April 3 2009 Mike Campbell’s farm was invaded by agents of Nathan Shamuyarira. On that date, Campbell still had approximately 170 tonnes of these mangoes left to harvest. Since that date he has been unable to reap a single mango despite being protected by his Sadc Tribunal judgement and a High Court order on April 20 2009.

Every mango being sold today anywhere in Zimbabwe is consequently a stolen mango. Shamuyarira’s agents have beaten up Campbell’s workers including fracturing one of the workers skulls.  Campbell has been evicted from his home and cannot get near any of his crops.  By buying these mangoes you are supporting violence, lawlessness and theft.  Please desist from doing so.

All supermarkets with mangoes should please stop all payments to their suppliers and contact Bruce Campbell on 0912 115485.  All people who see mangoes for sale should please protest to the sellers that they are dealing in stolen property.

J A G.

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