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Too Many Reckless Drivers on the Roads

I AM incensed by the rate at which reckless drivers are multiplying in our roads.

On Tuesday last week I was involved in a minor accident at the hands of these poor drivers. It occurred at the Kuwadzana roundabout on my way to work.

A Mazda T35 truck entered into the lane which we were travelling in when we were about to come out of the roundabout.

The truck almost hit the commuter omnibus in which we were travelling. The driver of the vehicle we were in remained calm and composed but unfortunately he was forced to get into a trench as he tried to avoid the collision.

The truck driver did not even stop to see what he had caused but instead just drove off.

Usually it is the commuter omnibus drivers who are labelled as reckless and careless but most times the opposite is the case. Some of them may be speedy drivers but usually they are very cautious because they will be holding the lives of the passengers in their hands.

I find it very annoying that a lot of drivers are being careless on the roads and tend to point fingers at the commuter drivers.

It is these reckless drivers who are causing accidents on the roads.

Concerned Commuter,

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