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We Need a Democratic Culture

THE problem with Zimbabwean politics is the absence of a democratic culture.

I am referring to leaders who do not respond to the concerns of the voters and those of ordinary people. Our leaders are not willing to accept that they can be voted out of power because of their own failures.

They rule without any regard of the views and sentiments of the ordinary people.

People do not need to join politics or belong to a specific political party to have their views heard.

I have worked in the UK for the past six years and whilst I am not a citizen I am urged to register for voting.

Hate or love the British, one cannot help but admire how the ordinary people and the media have the power to influence how the government runs the country on any issue, from education, health to the economy.

If Zimbabwe was anywhere near that level of a functional democracy, the formation of an all-inclusive government, cars for the MPs and the Gideon Gono vs Tendai Biti saga would be heavily influenced by the sentiments and views of voters and not by some closed door quarrels between political leaders who just want to impose themselves on the people.

United Kingdom.

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