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It’s a Weird World

CHILD DIVORCEE: A 50-year old Saudi man has agreed to divorce his nine-year-old bride, media reported last Thursday, after the marriage drew international criticism.

The decision, reported by newspapers Alwatan and Al-Riyadh, came after months of court hearings, criticism from the United Nations and an international media frenzy about Saudi Arabia’s human rights practices. –– Reuters.

TALL TALE: An Australian politician had her legs broken and stretched to become three inches taller in a bid to be taken seriously.
After nine months of excruciating pain, Hajnal Ban, 31, a councillor with Logan city council in Queensland, became a “normal” 5ft 4in.
“A lot of young females have insecurities about their weight or their nose; mine was my height,” she told Brisbane’s Courier Mail. — Ananova.

VITAMIN C(OCAINE): An elderly man claimed he needed the oranges in his suitcase to keep up his vitamin C level, but Italian police soon realised the “C” stood for cocaine.
Customs officers in Rome  arrested a 76-year-old Dutch man who tried to smuggle in more than  six kilograms of cocaine packed into oranges that had been emptied of their pulp.
The man arrested on international drug trafficking charges at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport had arrived from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and said he was on his way back to the Netherlands after a vacation.
Police at the airport said the drugs would have had a street value of US$6, 6 million). –– Sfgate.

SWEET-TOOTHED  BURGLAR: Police  in northwestern Pennsylvania say they’re stumped by a burglary: The thief took some jellybeans from a home — but nothing else.
Sgt Mark Zaleski said it remains unclear whether the suspect wanted only jellybeans. Or maybe that’s all the thief had time to grab.
Police said the burglar broke a front door window on a Friday night and took the jellybeans from a dining room table. The homeowner reported that nothing else was missing or even moved. –– Msnbc.

TATTOOED SKIN-DONOR: A retired history teacher is donating his tattooed body to an art gallery.
Geoff Ostling (65) is virtually covered in colourful depictions of exotic flowers after a 15-year collaboration with acclaimed cult tattooist, eX de Merci.
Covering every part of his body, save for his face, neck and parts of his forearms, Ostling’s tattoos are on the theme of “all the flowers of a Sydney garden”. –– Ananova.

LEISURE LOVERS: True to their reputation as leisure-loving gourmets, the French spend more time sleeping and eating than anyone else among the world’s wealthy nations, according to a study published on Monday.
The average French person sleeps almost nine hours every night, more than an hour longer than the average Japanese and Korean, who sleep the least in a survey of 18 members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development –– Reuters.

SKIRTS MAN: A man is suing the New Orleans Police Department, claiming he was harassed by an officer who threatened to arrest him for wearing a black pinstriped skirt to municipal court.
Jeremy Don Kerr is asking for US$1 in damages, a ruling that his rights were violated, and an order against barring access to public facilities because of gender stereotyping. The department hasn’t been served with the lawsuit and hasn’t answered the claim in court.
He said he finds skirts more comfortable than pants, and wears them with button-down Oxfords or T-shirts. — Msnbc.

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