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LOVEMORE Madhuku and NCA want to confuse the nation. How can they announce that they will campaign for a No vote in the referendum on the constitution?

They should know that members of parliament were directly elected by the people and hence have the mandate to lead. Who gave NCA the mandate to represent the people? The electorate know their MPs and not the NCA. They should know that the success of the No vote in the 2000 referendum was a result of the involvement of the MDC on their side. –Taurai Musingarabwi.

ARGUMENTS for and against the inclusive government’s arranged constitution making process have been put forward. What is lacking is the alternative.-L John.

IT’S amazing how Robert Mugabe expects the MDC and Sadc to tackle the so-called sanctions issue with the West when he has not removed the ones he has imposed on us.-Andy, Harare.

FOR how long will Sadc and South Africa shield Robert Mugabe if he chooses to behave like a spoilt brat and blatantly violate the terms of the so called GPA? -Perplexed.

NO matter how many volumes of supplements “breaking” whatever silences Gideon Gono may have, we have lost confidence in him. It is not about Tendai Biti but Gono’s failures. I am sure he can still be employable elsewhere with such an “impeccable” CV.-Fed up.

SO Gideon Gono has admitted to taking companies’ money? But he still has his job. Bank workers last year who withdrew their money above the RBZ limit were fired. They did not steal from their banks but Gono did. If Robert Mugabe keeps Gono then all former bank workers who were dismissed or forced to resign should be reinstated. They are not criminals but were working under a challenging environment. -Amazed.

MPs should not be hoodwinked into taking vehicles from the RBZ. There is a sting in the tail.-Stung.

THE uproar over MPs’ vehicles is but one symptom of the much deeper decay that has been brought about by the RBZ. The CMED was always responsible for government vehicle distribution. I wonder when this was changed and who benefited? -Amused Pedestrian.

MPs must know that they are just like anybody else. Everyone in this country needs a car. Did they get to be legislators so that they may get on the gravy plane like those who were given “mechanisation” equipment by Gideon Gono?-Palm.

ZIMSEC’S ‘O’ and ‘A’ level markers are still unpaid despite David Coltart’s assurance that it would take Unicef three working days to process payment. Did Unicef pledge to pay for all the marking or did Coltart invite markers before getting the adequate money? We feel cheated as we had used a lot of money to go to the marking centres. Zimsec staff are not furnishing us with a satisfactory explanation.-Marker, Chinhoyi.

EDUCATION ministry officials should investigate rampant corruption at provincial offices where demands of up to US$50 for placement of returning teachers are being made. Urgent action is needed!-Frustrated, Masvingo.

THE banks are robbing us! The government is paying its workforce US$100 but some banks are paying their clients in rand using the interbank rate resulting in us getting R850 which is equal to US$85. Why can’t they give us R1 000 since shops and schools are not using interbank rates. Please help!
Worried civil servant.

PLEASE can Eric Bloch and Dusty Miller write proper English in their columns? It is not always easy to understand what they are writing about every week.
K Mpariwa.

I AM an avid motoring enthusiast and would appreciate it if you increased the number of pages in your motoring section.

WHY is it that low density areas don’t get as much Zesa load–shedding as high density areas when we are all paying our bills in foreign currency?
Takuvara, Gweru.

ZIMBABWE school tennis tours to South Africa involve the same coaches for over two decades. Being a national schools select team all coaches have to be given chances. We play major roles in our respective schools in feeding players into that squad and would like an explanation as to why we are sidelined for tours. Organisers are killing the sport and coaches’ interest and we do not even get feedback reports after the tours.

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