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Matinenga sinks Kariba draft

MINISTER of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Eric Matinenga yesterday said the Kariba draft constitution crafted by the three parties to the global political agreement (GPA) will not be used as a key reference point in the constitution-making process.

Speaking at a Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network and Electoral Institute of Southern Africa post-2008 elections review conference in Victoria Falls, Matinenga said the Kariba draft and the current constitution would be circulated for people to appreciate the mistakes made in their making.

He said the constitution-making process would be “people-driven”.

“The constitution-making process is initiated by parliament and the involvement of other groups comes at the sub-committee level,” he said. “We need civil society to participate at that level because I believe that is where the work is done.

“All groups which want to participate can participate. Article Six clearly addresses that issue. Nobody owns the Kariba draft and it is where it belongs ––- Kariba.”

Matinenga said civil society should avoid turning the “people-driven chorus” into a political slogan.

“We will never be able to agree on the definition of people-driven. My view is that at the end of the day what is important is what we do in the process as compared to the process itself,” he said.

“There is the need to take on board everyone and agree on how outreach programmes will take place.”

The National Constitutional Assembly and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions have rejected the Kariba and other previous drafts saying they are not people-driven but a parliamentary process.

This followed the appointment of a 25-member parliamentary select committee some three weeks ago to spearhead a constitution-making process for the country.


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