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Govt Must Weed out Corruption

CORRUPTION in this country has reached epic proportions. On Saturday, April 24 I was “arrested” by a member of the Zimbabwe National Army around 5.30 am for stopping close to ZBC Mbare Studios.

I had happened to meet a relative and we engaged in a short conversation after which we parted ways. I was then called by a soldier who demanded that I come and talk to him.

Armed with an AK47, the soldier force-marched me into the guardroom where there was a civilian. The two tormented me for about 10 minutes demanding to know where I was employed, who had given me the authority to stop close to the studios and threatening to shoot me.

Finally, the civilian frankly told me that I had two options: spending the whole day digging holes or giving them money to buy mbanje (dagga).

I was released after paying them US$1.

 Corruption is now running high in the country and steps should be taken to nip it in the bud sooner than later.


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