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Bank Charges Daylight Robbery

ALLOW me to express my absolute shock and antipathy at the levies that are charged on FCA accounts by our bank.

It is a fact that Zimbabwean banks are fleecing their poorly paid depositors.

I have noted with concern that with the exception of the POSB all banks are charging from US$3 up to US$10  for each withdrawal.

I call upon the responsible minister to urgently take stern measures on such banks.

If those charges go unchallenged then every worker must demand payment in cash from their employer.

Banks are there because we can deposit our money with them. We must not allow the bankers to swindle us of our money with our eyes wide open.

If we could not use the banks for the good part of the past two years notwithstanding the money we used to burn, what stops us from doing the same if we are levied these inflated charges?

I recommend that we carry on keeping our forex under our pillows until common sense is brought on to the banking sector.

Chiguvare J,

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