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DESPITE all the negatives around us, there is still some good out there. I recently observed a policeman directing traffic at the intersection of Josiah Tongogara and Sam Nujoma streets.

The robots were not working as is often the case. I must say the policeman was doing a great job. He enthusiastically and effectively controlled the flow of traffic at the intersection. Seeing him go about his duties with a positive and cheerful attitude actually brightened my day.-Kuda Nyashanu.

I LISTENED when President Robert Mugabe spoke at the Independence day celebrations. He made his speech and left and I was left wondering whether he does not need to listen to others at all.

ZIMBABWEANS along with President Robert Mugabe have the ability to sort out their problems with the assistance of Thabo Mbeki and Sadc. Civil society also has a role to play. We should be brave and soldier on. May the Lord bless us all.

WE say no to lifting of sanctions on Robert Mugabe and his cronies until there are major reforms in governance and the rule of law.
Political Activist.

HOW can Robert Mugabe refuse to swear in Roy Bennett as deputy Agriculture minister saying that he is facing “serious criminal charges”? Mugabe himself and most Zanu PF ministers should be the ones on trial?

HOW is the national healing going to work? It cannot be a reality to me when I see the person who killed my young brother, raped my 75 year old mother and killed my only cow –– to eat at their “pungwes” –– still walking free. The killers should face justice for national healing to be accepted by those affected by the violence.
T Munyanyi, Harare.

NIGERIAN “movies” have flooded this nation and ZBC is showing them continuously. Something must be done to stimulate our own film industry. Film producers should help ZBC give us something Zimbabwean. We have a lot of talented artists here. Why showcase foreign cultures and leaving our own to rot?
Enos Chikukwa, Marondera.

MUCKRAKER, do not stop the sterling work you are doing. Welshman Ncube should keep quiet and pray for your no-nonsense, straightforward wisdom.
N Maine.

I AM happy to see the extensive press coverage of the state of our prisons. I would be even happier if stakeholders also took up issues such as the state of our roads, refuse collection, the sewage system, government schools and other issues that law abiding citizens are facing.

ZBH should stop insulting its viewers by continuing to refer to washed up “analysts” from one programme to the next.

WE want an explanation of the meaning of the term “people-driven” constitution. The likes of Jonathan Moyo are only fighting for political recognition and cannot be trusted. We don’t want to have anything to do with his laws again.
PO Sibanda.

SOME of these MPs are really desperate. They were hoodwinked by the RBZ governor Gideon Gono to accept second-hand vehicles whose reliability and security is questionable for their nature of work. They have tasted the gravy train sauce from the RBZ kitchen.

THE Minister of Finance should look into the plight of some RBZ employees who have not been paid for months. When they seek an audience with management they are threatened with dismissal.
In Fear.

YET again we have been bamboozled by another Gideon Gono 20 page insert in the Herald of April 18 defending the actions of the RBZ. It would be interesting to tally how much has been spent to date on these expensive supplements. Who pays for them?
Concerned Taxpayer.

GIDEON Gono took over as RBZ governor whilst our money had some value. He told us then that he would make it stronger. Now he tells us that our beloved Zim dollar is dead on his watch. He should just resign.
Tineyi, Banket.

THE Central Statistical Office is now releasing inflation figures in our dollarised economy. Where were they this past year when they refused to release them?

IT’S important that we carry out an impartial land audit. The team should consist of local, regional and UN assessors. Let’s sort this out once and for all. The current land “reforms” are holding Zimbabwe back, are unjust and destructive.

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