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Senior ZPS officials Heartless Bunch

IT really made me sad to read a story in the Herald of Wednesday April 15, in which the Commissioner of Prisons, Paradzai Zimondi claimed that the Zimbabwe Prisons Services (ZPS) has at least 27 farm prisons across the country.

What makes this statement worrying is that it came barely two weeks after the outcry across the world over the lack of adequate food in prisons in the country.

 Senior ZPS authorities have made these farms with a total arable land of 3 482 hectares derelict while prisoners go for days without food.

 With all this arable land, the prisoners across the country would never have gone hungry for a single day or died while in custody.  Reports by human rights groups show that at least 20 prisoners are dying each day.

 However it seems that the senior ZPS officials forced them to provide free labour at their farms against international laws and those of the International Labour Organisation.  It is high time for heads to roll at the ZPS and those implicated including Zimondi should be held accountable for the deaths of prisoners across the country.
Agrippa Zvomuya,

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