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Let’s Move Forward

I AM saddened by the lack of focus by some of the MPs we have today in our parliament. Instead of supporting the GNU they are busy pulling the team back. The issue of the RBZ dishing out vehicles takes us back rather than forward.

Would it not have been much better if Gideon Gono had used these cars to pay back the companies he has defrauded of their foreign currency?  It would have been a very noble and very mature way of dealing with the crisis he has gotten us into. Gono admitted that he violated a lot of rules and took from the accounts of manufacturers, exporters and NGOs to finance his quasi-fiscal activities. He claims to have no money to pay it back but he still goes on to give donations.   

Gono and some other MPs are derailing progress and are working to discredit the good works that are being done by Zimbabweans.

President Robert Mugabe, and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai should remove these retrogressive people from government structures. We have suffered enough.

I pray that our prayers as Zimbabweans will be heard and that we will succeed in bringing order to our nation.

Concerned Zimbabwean,

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