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WE have to acknowledge that as a nation our fortunes are down but we should all tell ourselves that we will rise again soon.


Let’s not listen to those amongst us who blame all our problems on foreigners. All of us did ourselves wrong one way or the other but let’s all go back to work to rebuild this nation. It will be hard no doubt but it has to be done.
Roy Rukambe.

WHEN will the issues of the appointment of provincial governors, permanent secretaries, ambassadors and the release of political prisoners be addressed by the “all inclusive government”?

The MDC should be careful lest it becomes an extension of Zanu PF’s lies. Morgan Tsvangirai and his team should wake up before they are destroyed.
T Munyanyi, Harare.

WHY did Morgan Tsvangirai not fire Paradzai Zimondi over the appalling conditions in the nation’s prisons?

ROBERT Mugabe appears desperate to rope Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai into his corner as he struggles to shrug off targeted sanctions imposed on him by the US and her allies.

My advice to both our leaders is to first ensure that there is rule of law and the administration of justice on the home front before asking for clemency.

Gochai Henyu.

ROBERT Mugabe must go! We are sick and tired of him. Chaos on the farms must stop otherwise no money will come from the West.

THE GNU must be serious with the implementation of the GPA. The first thing to be attended to is resettling and compensating those displaced by political violence.

For instance my home was destroyed and torched and there has been no recourse for that.

CIVIC society groups were complaining about the size of the GNU. Now they are also complaining over the proposed constitution-making process.

They want to start with consultations from the grassroots  which is very expensive. Is it not better to use the NCA draft, the Kariba draft and the people’s views gathered in 1999?

They want to prolong the process in order to continue to enjoy donor funds.
Nkulumani, Mutare.

WE hope that envisaged reforms in the media sector take shape and the airways are freed with many players able to operate.
Dollar for three.

POLITICIANS must lead by example by paying their bills, debts and taxes for us to follow suit.

FROM his apparently conciliatory statements Tendai Biti would have us believe that Gideon Gono did no wrong in his tenure at the RBZ.

Next he will be blaming all our troubles on the “illegal” sanctions. So who messed up then? Who slept on the job? They must watch television’s The Weakest Link.

It never fails to deliver the real culprit.

DAVID Coltart should clarify on the issue of the payment of Ordinary and Advanced Level examiners. Some subjects remain unpaid for.

We hear the donor has abruptly stopped payment. Zimsec employees are not cooperative when we try to make inquiries.
Abused marker, Chinhoyi.

I AM a teacher with three kids of school-going age. We stay in the low density suburbs and I need over US$ 400 to pay for their first term school fees. What about next term?
Concerned Parent.

IS it logical for the UZ to charge US$350 for a Diploma in Education transcript when a teacher gets a US$100 monthly allowance? GNU must seriously reconsider this.

ZESA recently announced the times for load-shedding in the Herald but surprisingly some areas are not experiencing power cuts as much as others, especially in Highfield.

Some areas are getting more power cuts than others.  Responsible authorities should look into the matter and ensure that the scheduled times are followed.

CRANBORNE suburb in Harare has been without water for the last four months. This has never happened before.

How are we supposed to wash our bodies, cook our food and flush our toilets? I urge the responsible authorities to act with speed for they will be judged by their ability to address the needs of the people.
A Tuso.

WE are losing out on important calls that cut off midway because of Econet’s network failures in Harare! Do they still need foreign currency? This is daylight robbery.
Robbed, Harare.

SULUMANI Chimbetu should know that he is still very far from being described as the “maestro” as his father was.

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