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Education Sector Under Threat

THE education sector in Zimbabwe has not developed at all over the years and it continues to crumble.

The Beam and cadetship schemes propounded by the government do not have funding support and have thereby been rendered useless.

Students cannot afford to pay the tuition fees stated by the government. What we would prefer as students is a loan scheme in which we would pay back our fees after the completion of our studies. We also demand that the tuition fees we are supposed to pay be reasonable.

As students we supported change in the March 29 elections hoping that MDC would reform the education sector. We are not pleased at all by the way the MDC is dining with Zanu PF and seems to be dancing to its tune.

We wonder if the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is concerned about the education sector. For instance the University of Zimbabwe is closed and students are not even aware when the institution will be reopened.
We are yet to see what the all-inclusive government has done for students.

Even if the MDC is now part of the government we will not hesitate to go to the streets. As students we do not have permanent friends but permanent interests.

Worried Student,

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