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ZIMBABWEANS must have a unity of purpose in demanding genuine democracy and respect for human rights from our leaders. We need a new constitution now.
Pythagoras, Harare.

I WAS impressed by Arthur Mutambara’s recent address to parliament. It is true that we have imposed sanctions on ourselves as a nation.


I AM disgusted by Jonathan Moyo’s diatribes published in the Zimbabwe Independent. We remember his tenure as minister with disgust and trepidation. God forbid if anyone even considers making him a minister again.
Royal, Harare.

I ENJOYED Msongelwa Ndlovu’s critique of Professor Jonathan Moyo in his article Black History Month — Nothing to Celebrate (March 27 to April 2) in which he suggests that Moyo ought to have been more pragmatic on the banality of the African tragedy.
Run’anga, Harare.

THE Herald of Tuesday, March 31 reported that the EU imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe after Harare embarked on a “successful” land reform programme. Why then do we still need food aid and a rescue package? Is that what objective journalism entails.
Odala, Zengeza 2.

IT seems that Jonathan Moyo is a bitter political relegate. One has just but take a look at all his articles after the GNU. Why can he not give those in the inclusive government a chance? He had his own chance and helped create Aippa and a host of other repressive laws for reasons best known to himself.
5-star general.

I HOPE that cabinet ministers –– especially from the MDC-T –– enjoyed the “retreat” at Victoria Falls and the ride in their Mercedes Benz, Navaras, and Prados. They should stop lying that they have no money.

TO friend and foe alike, education minister David Coltart commands some level of respect. But how he expects us to pay the school fees he has proposed is beyond me. Does he feel for us the suffering majority? I hope this is his first and last mistake.

IS the Revolving Loan Fund announced by Welshman Ncube not another “Operation Maguta”? I wonder if anything useful will come out of it.

THE Finance minister should investigate Gideon Gono with the view to understand how much money is still under his stewardship. This should be done in light of his offer of vehicles to MPs.
Gochai Henyu.

HATS off to Finance minister Tendai Biti. He is the only minister doing his job well. Meanwhile Giles Mutsekwa and his counterpart Kembo Mohadi are having coffee in their offices leaving unruly elements to destroy farms.

GIDEON Gono’s failures at the RBZ are of epic proportions. There can never be a failure of this magnitude at any other time in history. The numbers are there for all to see. He told the nation that he would turn around the economy but has actually made it worse. Get him out of office please and fast! He can never be part of the solution.
Tineyi, Banket.

GIDEON Gono could have saved a lot of the taxpayer’s money by not engaging in the farm mechanistion scheme. Now there is need for more money to carry out an audit of the fraud that took place. He will naturally say that his failures were caused by sanctions. What about mismanagement?
Nkulumani, Mutare.

BENEFICIARIES of the land reform programme are letting us down. They should admit that agricultural support was channeled their way. If they had worked hard, the land reform programme would have succeeded. Instead they were just cutting down trees and selling inputs and killing animals.
Mwana wavaChivi.

ZBH’S demands for payment of US$50 for radio and TV licences are misplaced and nonsensical. We do not subscribe to DStv out of patriotism but we are more than happy to do so because we get value for our money. And what does ZBH offer? Torture to torment our eyes.
Moyo, Harare.

WHY are we being charged as much as US$60 or more for household rates? This is a sick joke!
Loafer, Eastlea.

ALL those who advertise their houses-to-let and do not state their rental are living in dreamland. Tenants now have countless options of reasonably priced houses and will not waste our airtime following up on vague adverts. To fellow tenants I say the most affordable accommodation is communicated through relatives, friends and colleagues.
Moyo M, Harare.

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