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VMCZ Calls for Media Self-regulation

THE Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) is a self-regulatory body that was established by the media fraternity to regulate itself in line with democratic trends throughout the world where self-regulation of the media has enhanced media freedom and subsequently freedom of expression.

Besides promoting ethics, accountability and professional conduct in the media, the council is mandated with settling disputes between the media and the public.

Self-regulation is premised on the notion that the media must develop internal and/or self-motivated structures of accountability.

These  structures should address society’s concerns on the operations of the media and also open the industry to direct scrutiny and positive contribution to its operations.

This should be done by one critical member of its publics; the citizens.

Complaints against the media from the public will be adjudicated upon by a Media Complaints Committee that that is fair, transparent and open.

 The idea of a self-regulatory body for the media came out of concern about the state of the media and the repressive nature of media regulation in Zimbabwe.

Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe.

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