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Address the Plight of Students

I AM saddened by the fact that MDC ministers are not serious in dealing with the challenges bedevilling college students.

This was amply demonstrated by our Finance minister Tendai Biti who turned a blind eye to the plight of students in his recent budget review.

Again students where perturbed by the realisation that cabinet which includes Arthur Mutambara –– a former student leader –– approved preposterous fees for college students. They should never forget the role played by students in bringing about this new political dispensation.

 Students do not expect much from Zanu PF as they have registered failure from time immemorial.

The University of Zimbabwe is failing to reopen for the second time this year. Moreover, the agricultural sector is devoid of expertise whilst the UZ Veterinary school has also failed to reopen for more than a year.

The Medical School is operating at unacceptable standards yet ministers are  accepting luxury cars and eating sumptuous meals in conference meetings.

This is far below the benchmark for change that we expect. The corollary of change should also empower students to reclaim their status as the essence of hope in society.

The students are yet to hear from   the Prime Minister. We do not expect him to learn the ropes forever because the plight of the students is in intensive care and needs urgent attention.

They will be no change as long as institutions like UZ are being presided over by authoritarian vice chancellors who impose repressive laws and ban student activities.

 Students will not feel transformation if they are not accorded a chance to amend the UZ Act.

Cabinet is still silent over the imposed cadetship scheme, which is an unjust course of action taken by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Students were never consulted on this programme and need it amended. All ministers, especially former student leaders, should be inclined towards the welfare of students and should strive to widen opportunities for students to develop.

Cde Kapuya,

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