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WE urge ministers in the inclusive government to form strategic alliances so that the nation may reap from the synergies created by that initiative.

This will result in the delivery of quality service to the nation. They should not spend time trying to outdo each other for personal and/or party gains.

Zimbabweans want solid socio-economic gains from this transitional arrangement not political mileage for a particular party.

Muchesa W Chitsama.

ZIMBABWE will never again accept mediocre leaders. This wake up call should be heeded by MPs and senators from all the parties.

I LIKED the sms ranking David Coltart, Tendai Biti, and Welshman Ncube’s performances. We should rank ministers using the criteria of Best, Most Improved and Worst performer.

DAVID Coltart is not the right man for the education minister’s job. He should have checked the majority’s average monthly income first before announcing the school fees.

The approved fees should be cut by 50%.
Tapfumaneyi Tapera.

WE are proud of the Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe’s initiatives to unify the nation.

They convey a sound and powerful message towards peaceful cohabitation amongst Zimbabweans.
Binding message, Bulawayo.

HATS off to the South African government for the splendid work they have done. They led the negotiations that led to the birth of the all inclusive government.

Now they are leading again in giving us aid. The ball is now in our court. We need to be accountable for the money that will come in.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

I WONDER how many of your readers are interested in Jonathan Moyo’s articles in your newspaper. As for me I always take what he says with a pinch of salt. I wouldn’t trust what he says anymore than I would trust a Herald columnist.
Barge Pole.

HOW does the government justify charging US$20 for one to get a learner driver’s licence? Not many can afford that kind of money.

CAN we please have water in Carruthers Avenue, Chinhoyi restored? It is three years now since we last had water.

THE media should take the lead in the constitution-making process by creating forums in which people make contributions on what they expect the constitution to contain.

For instance the constitution must provide for the election of provincial governors rather than having appointees.

ZIMBABWEANS have the wisdom to sort out their issues amongst themselves with the assistance of Thabo Mbeki and the Sadc chairman. With the support of Sadc leaders and civil society we will succeed.

TO the uniformed forces, especially the commissioners and generals and all Zimbabweans, I say the prime minister has to be respected, and farm invasions have to stop. No one is above the law and all men are equal.

Governments must serve the people and not leaders. We are fed up with corruption and lip-service to unity. We no longer want biased media reports from one party –– rather the playing ground should be evened out.

Enos Chikukwa.

SADC has truly shown its double standards. They did all they could to keep Robert Mugabe in power but have sat by and watched as the elected leader of Madagascar was being overthrown.

NEWS readers on radio and television are always getting it wrong. They recently stated that “The body of the Deputy Prime minister Thokozani Khupe’s mother Mrs Mabhiza” instead of mentioning the deceased’s name first, and then the name of the person who they are related to.
Stressed out.

THE Zimbabwe Independent is a truly objective newspaper. I like reading its stories.

IF specialist doctors like John Mangwiro who was on ZBC TV’s Smart Chat think that the problems in our health delivery system can be solved by buying doctors houses and cars, then he has got another think coming.

We need nurse aids, nurses, lab scientists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, and radiographers. These people also need to be cared for too.
Health for all.

HAS your puzzle writer not seen our complaint that they are too Eurocentric?

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